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AEM 4 Channel Coil Driver

AEM 4 Channel Coil Driver

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AEM Electronics Ignition Coil Driver Modules

What's driving your high performance? AEM ignition coil drivers supply plenty of motivation to make your coils spark with efficiency. Available in one, three, and four-channel modules, they will power your distributed applications, your two-wire "dumb" coils in COP applications, or work as a replacement for your stock coil driver. When swapping to a coil-on plug, these AEM modules provide a great way to eliminate dwell time issues that can be a problem in stock ignition systems. The installation is simple and the cost is affordable; AEM ignition coil drivers are the motives behind the force to create powerful engine performance.

Additional information:

* Three and 4-channel modules are ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and racing vehicles with space limitations--or those that do not require additional voltage generated by a CDI
* One-channel modules are ideal for high performance distributed applications
* Complete hardware is included

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