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5 Pt 3inch Seat Belt Harness / Cam Lock

5 Pt 3inch Seat Belt Harness / Cam Lock

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NRG 5-Point Seat Belt Harnesses

NRG 5-point seat belt harnesses provide an extra level of safety beyond that of the 4-point harnesses. By providing the extra point, these units also provide additional support when performing any kind of sport or competition driving. Heavy-duty Camlock buckle, and nylon belts provide the utmost in protection. Order the model for your application needs.

Key features:

* 5-point seat belt harness
* High-grade nylon belts include lap, shoulder, and anti-submarine belts
* Shoulder belt width: 3 in.
* Submarine belt width: 2 in.
* NRG gradient logo on belt
* Heavy-duty Cam-Lock buckle
* Available in different color options

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