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AEM EV 1000A Shunt Current Sensors

AEM EV 1000A Shunt Current Sensors

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The Isabellenhutte IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN2-12/24 is a high-precision, shunt-based current sensor designed for use in automotive EV applications. With a measuring range of up to 1000 amps, this sensor is capable of accurately measuring DC current. One of the key features of this current sensor is its CAN bus 2.0a interface, which allows for easy integration with existing control systems. This interface provides digital output of the measured current, making it easy to incorporate into a variety of control and monitoring applications. The IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN2-12/24 also features a compact, lightweight design, making it easy to install in tight spaces. This current sensor is also highly configurable, with a range of options available for calibration, output scaling, and more. This allows for precise customization to meet the needs of your specific application. Overall, the Isabellenhutte IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN2-12/24 is a versatile and reliable current sensor that is ideal for automotive EV applications. Its high accuracy, digital output, and rugged construction make it an excellent choice for demanding environments where precision and reliability are essential.


  • Monitor batter stack voltage, intermediate circuit voltage, and relay functions
  • Temperature compensation and calibration
  • Galvanic isolation of 1000VDC
  • CANbus 2.0a interface
  • Internally verified current measurement
  • Can be used on the high or low side of the battery
  • Highly accurate
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