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EcuTek ECU Connect Interface Kit

EcuTek ECU Connect Interface Kit

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Using just your phone and our ECU Connect Interface, EcuTek connects you to a whole new driving experience. From getting your car tuned to enjoying our unique RaceROM features, it has never been so easy with ECU Connect and PhoneFlash.

Platforms we currently support:

  • MQB EA888.3 Gen 3 TSI 1.8T/2.0T
  • Audi EA855.3 RS3/TTRS/RSQ3 2.5TFSI

We are always working to support more platforms. If your vehicle is not listed above please contact us here!

Note: Tuning costs are extra. This product includes all of the hardware needed to connect and communicate with your vehicle. Contact us here to purchase a vehicle license and set up tuning.

Functions (all advanced functions need to be set up/enabled by GAS):

  • Change your launch RPM*
  • Adjust your boost or torque*
  • Make your Traction Control more or less aggressive*
  • Activate your Nitrous*
  • Set up a Push To Pass button*
  • Set up a pit lane speed limiter*
  • Adjust your factory burbles*
  • Switch between up to 4 different driving modes*
  • Activate and deactivate Valet Mode*
  • Monitor 100s of engine and gearbox parameters
  • Create unlimited personalized dashboards to monitor what you need
  • Read and clear DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Check your before and after tune with the Performance Analyser
  • Set up and send logs to your tuner directly from the app

  • *Advanced function



    1 × ECU Connect Vehicle Interface
    1 × Mini USB cable

    When used with a PhoneFlash Subscription and the free ECU Connect App (available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), this product enables the owner of the kit to wirelessly flash in a ProECU-generated, PhoneFlash-licensed tune file, using just their phone. 

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