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Enkei Wheels

Enkei Cyclone Matte Black - 6 x 135 / 17 x 9 +12

Enkei Cyclone Matte Black - 6 x 135 / 17 x 9 +12

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Center Bore: 87.1

Match your truck's grit pound for pound with the behemoth Enkei Cyclone Series Wheels. These aftermarket rims are crafted using top-shelf aluminum and subjected to the MAT process and Spec-E inspection to ensure that you get a rugged yet lightweight solution that can brave any terrain and situation. These also come in various finishes, complementing the ultra-modern and minimalist design while doubling as an anti-corrosion measure. As for compatibility, the wheels come in various sizes and configurations to match a variety of applications.

Established in the 1950s, Enkei has never faltered in its goal to provide the highest quality wheels for competitive and casual car enthusiasts. The company prides itself in providing the latest and greatest when it comes to wheel manufacturing techniques that create solutions that are compliant with JGTC standards. And with this dedication to crafting exceptional wheels, Enkei has catapulted itself at the top of the aftermarket wheel industry, from the East to the West. The brand boasts a wide selection of products that cater to the aftermarket and OEM partners, providing a host of reliable solutions for sports cars, rally cars, drift cars, and single-seater racers.

Outlast everybody else on the trail with the gritty Enkei Cyclone Series Wheels equipped.

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