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Enkei Wheels

Enkei RPF1 Silver 5 X 100 / 17 X 8 +35

Enkei RPF1 Silver 5 X 100 / 17 X 8 +35

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Color: Silver
Backspacing: 5.88
Offset: +35
Wheel Diameter: 17
Wheel Width: 8
Hub Bore: 73.00

The twin spokes on the Enkei RPF1 achieve better stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme race driving.

CENTER DESIGN: Enkei’s pocket design around the bolt circles increases rigidity and keeps the wheel cooler during aggressive race driving.

MAT PROCESS: Shaping by the MAT process reduces wheel weight by 10%-15%. Every pound of unsprung weight savings has the effect of reducing overall vehicle weight by 20lbs.

Sizes 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 (Cap not included 15×8-18×10.5, no cap available for 14×7 and 15×7)
Available Silver, Gold, Black, SBC (special order)
Spec-E Inspected
MAT Technology

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