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GAS 4.0T Silicone Inlet Hose Set

GAS 4.0T Silicone Inlet Hose Set

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If you’ve upgraded the intake system on your C7 4.0T, you’ve likely dealt with the crumbling, cracking plastic accordion hoses that Audi calls couplers. Over time, usually following removal/installation, these plastic couplers can fail, allowing dirt and debris to be ingested into your turbochargers. 

Upgrade to a set of GAS silicone inlet hoses and forget all of your intake worries. Not only will these couplers outlast your intake system, but they will continue to look good while doing so. 

These couplers are a direct fit replacement for the S6/RS6/S7/RS7 4.0T, and will also fit if you’ve purchased upgraded turbo inlets for your S6/RS6/S7/RS7 and would like to retain an RS or aftermarket airbox. 

S6/S7 Size: 57mm/2.25"
RS6/RS7/Aftermarket Size: 64mm/2.5”


Please note that due to temporary material supply shortages, this kit will not include new clamps for the time being. OEM clamps can be used with these hoses without issue.

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