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GAS ECU Tuning, Audi 3.0T Supercharged

GAS ECU Tuning, Audi 3.0T Supercharged

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This ECU is compatible with GASFlash3+ OBD Programmer

Improve your power, torque, throttle response, and fuel mileage instantly and reliably with a GAS ECU tune! Our carefully developed software will turn your vehicle into everything it should have been from the factory, all while retaining smooth driveability and all of the functionality and comfort you're used to.

For those who know, our 3.0T development program is extensive, to say the least. We have thousands of hours of dyno, measurement, logging, and programming time into this platform alone. From parts to software, we've strived to go places other tuning companies haven't touched on the 3.0T. With full packages available in Stage 1/2/3, contact us to see how we can transform your supercharged Audi today!

Note: All quoted power numbers have been dyno-tested on an otherwise completely stock vehicle. Any modifications such as intake/exhaust/downpipe/intercooler, etc will have an effect on power gains. We regularly develop revisions, so posted gains may change over time. The most up-to-date tested gains will be posted below.

For more information on the power potential of your vehicle, please contact a member of our sales team.

Factory: 333HP / 325TQ

Stage 1: 432HP / 406TQ

Stage 2 Single Pulley: 462HP / 430TQ (we recommend using a 187-192mm crank pulley rather than a supercharger pulley to limit belt slip)

Stage 2+ Dual Pulley (91 octane): 520HP / 465TQ 

Stage 2+ Dual Pulley (93 octane): 540HP / 495TQ

Stage 2+ Dual Pulley (E40): 605HP / 565TQ

Stage 3 Ported Charger (93 octane): 580HP / 540TQ

Stage 3 Ported Charger (E60): 660HP / 600TQ

Requirements for Stage 2+ or higher:

  • 57/190mm pulley combo or 206mm crank pulley
  • Upgraded HPFP
  • Intake (3.5" recommended)
  • "9" heat range NGK spark plugs
  • Cooling system upgrade (heat exchanger & divorced system minimum)
  • Test pipes are recommended, but not required. We recommend our catted test pipes for emissions compliance and maximum performance


Stock Boost Pressure (peak 1700hpa/0.7bar/10.5psi, tapering to 1500hpa/0.5bar/7.25psi at redline)

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