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ISR Performance

ISR Performance Driveshaft - VQ Swap S13 ABS - Steel

ISR Performance Driveshaft - VQ Swap S13 ABS - Steel

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S13 240SX with VQ35DE 6 Speed ABS Steel Shaft. This is the ISR one piece driveshaft conversion for the 240SX platform with VQ35DE Swap using CD009 6 Speed transmission. The ISR Performance driveshafts are designed to be the perfect fit for your conversion swap when using the corresponding ISR swap mounts and ISR Shifter.

The shaft is built using Dana/Spicer solid high performance u-joints. By removing the factory 2-piece shaft and installing a single shaft the car will feel more responsive due to the fact the rubber carrier bearing is not moving up and down during acceleration. Please Note: Whether or not the car was equipped with ABS from the factory please verify if you are using a non abs or abs differential to determine which driveshaft you need. The change in differential will change the length of the driveshaft. Be sure to check your vehicle before ordering. This shaft is only guaranteed to fit if using ISR Performance swap components and shifter assembly.

** Built to order 1 week lead time - Temporary extended build time due to material shortage 4-6 weeks **

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