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ISR Performance

ISR Performance JZ / CD Swap Mounts for Nissan 240sx S13/14

ISR Performance JZ / CD Swap Mounts for Nissan 240sx S13/14

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ISR Performance JZ Swap Mounts for Nissan 240sx S13/14

The ISR Performance JZ swap mounts are designed to be your one stop solution for all JZ series motors to fit in both S13 and S14 chassis. 

ISR Performance mounts feature a urethane engine and  transmission mount bushings to help dampen engine vibration without being overly stiff, the perfect solution for daily driven or track vehicles!  the ISR Performance mounts will work flawlessly in both chassis, allowing you to transfer parts from one chassis to another if needed! 

Please note that if you are using a 2JZ engine, the increased deck height of the block will result in you needing to possibly trim the internal ribbing of your hood, and possibly space the rear of the hood up to gain adequate clearance depending upon exactly which chassis you are installing the engine into. 

Please select which RWD Transmission you are using. R154 or CD00X Transmission using the Collins Adapter kit.

What’s in the box: 

  • 1x left motor mount
  • 1x Right motor mount
  • 1x transmission mount
  • 2x Front cross member U Brackets
  • 1x Transmission brace
  • 1x Hardware Kit

 ** CD00X Transmission Brace comes with optional Weld In Clearance Kit for Transmission Tunnel for a cleaner install **
 ** Depending upon which iteration of R154 you are utilizing (JZA70, JZZ30, JZX100, etc.) as well as which shifter you are utilizing, you may need to clearance your transmission tunnel for proper fitment. **

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