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Mann Filter

Mann Filter Oil Filter - W719/45

Mann Filter Oil Filter - W719/45

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Fits 4-1984 2.0L DOHC

Mann Filter spin-on oil filters are full-flow oil filters that feature a pleated paper filter medium and can be changed conveniently. Spin-On Oil filters by Mann Filter are made from high-performance filter elements for modern engines. The outstanding dirt holding capacity and the resistance to corrosion make it perfect for intensive use. The Spin-on oil filters offer first-class quality and problem-free handling. The housing and filter element of the spin-on filter forms a perfectly coordinated unit, which is fully replaced during maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Spin-on oil filters by Mann Filter are pressure-resistant and manufactured using an anti-corrosion protected filter housing
  • High dirt holding capacity and efficient dirt separation with a minimal pressure drop
  • Release devices enable quick and easy removal of the oil filter
  • Silicone non-return membrane to retain the engine oil in the oil filter as soon as the engine stops to prevent damage during engine startup
  • Teflon coated bypass valve allows a continuous flow of oil even if the filter is clogged
  • Higher dirt holding capacity for superb cleaning results throughout the entire service interval
  • Long-life filter media and sealing rings offer optimum protection for the engine
4-1984 2.0L DOHC
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