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SFI 16.1 5pt 3 inch Seat Belt Harness / Latch Link - Pink Camo

SFI 16.1 5pt 3 inch Seat Belt Harness / Latch Link - Pink Camo

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Points Quantity: 5 Points
Buckle Type: Latch Link
Homologation: SFI 16.1
Belt Type: With Cushions
Submarine Strap: 3"
Color: Pink Camo

SFI Approved 16.1 Seat Belt Harness
Nylon belts include: Lap, Shoulder, and anti-submarine belts
Shoulder Belt Width(in.): 3
Submarine Belt Width (in.): 2
Heavy Duty Latch Link buckle
These units provide additional support when performing any sport or competition driving
5 Mounting brackets: Bolt-in / Wraparound

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