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Sparco Seat Evo QRT - Black

Sparco Seat Evo QRT - Black

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Sparco Evo L QRT Competition Seats

Sparco Evo L QRT competition seats are all-new to the Evo seat range, with a taller back, and raised shoulder-belt guide holes to position the harness correctly on taller drivers. The seat is wider to fit drivers with waist sizes up to 36 in., while still maintaining a shape that easily fits into smaller race vehicle cockpits. Engineered with all-new technology for a ultra-light shell, the Evo L QRT competition seats offer a relaxed back angle design to contribute to a very comfortable driving position.

Sparco Evo L QRT competition seat features:

* Fiberglass composite construction
* Highback, bucket-style design
* Thin base cushion for lower driver position
* Comfortable split thigh cushion allows independent leg movement
* Non-slip fabric for the shoulders and seat bottom
* Side mount application
* HANS-compatible
* FIA-approved


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