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Sparco Ultra QRT

Sparco Ultra QRT

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The Ultra QRT seat is the lightest FIA 8859-1999 QRT seat in the Sparco range at 11.4lbs. It is constructed with light weight QRT composite technology. The Ultra QRT seat is unique because it was designed to be used without a cover or padding. This allows a lower seating position and also better feedback from the chassis. The Ultra QRT shell has both form and function. It has an extremely comfortable shape that is contoured for the body with the perfect amount of recline and lumbar support. The Ultra QRT was designed to fit into very narrow cockpits but still offer sizing that fits a standard to large size driver.  The Ultra QRT is FIA 8859-1999 approved.
Medium / Large (up to 36” waist)

Designed and developed at the Sparco OEM Composite Laboratory in Italy, QRT is a patented state-of-the-art technical process, based on aerospace technologies.
QRT creates an unparalleled mechanical strength to weight ratio. This innovative production method generates the lightest fiberglass composite seat shells currently on the market; in fact, it guarantees a reduction in total weight of up to 30% compared to traditional production methods. The QRT seats approach the weight of a comparable carbon fiber seat at a lower price point.
  • QRT Ultralight fiberglass composite shell
  • Excellent fitment into small / narrow  cockpits
  • Lower seating postion
  • Comfortable ergonmics
  • FIA 8859-1999 approved
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