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BC Racing RM Series Coilovers - 2016-2023 Honda Civic (FC1/FC2)

BC Racing RM Series Coilovers - 2016-2023 Honda Civic (FC1/FC2)

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BC Racing RM Series Coilovers for the 2016-2023 Honda Civic (FC1/FC2) use a mono-tube inverted damper in the front and rear of vehicles that use McPherson style OEM strut suspension. On vehicles that use front struts only, BC Racing provides an inverted front strut and then provides an upright BR Series damper for the rear. Inverted dampers are useful in decreasing unsprung weight by moving the greatest mass of the strut to the top where it connects to the sprung weight of the chassis, where weight can be more easily shaved.

The BC Racing RM Series Coilover System uses a much larger inverted piston shaft that can handle higher lateral loads for longer periods of time without fatigue. These higher lateral loads are only prevalent on McPherson style strut suspension, not on Double A-Arm vehicles.

- Highly customizable
- Inverted mono-tube damper
- Linear piston and damping curve
- Height adjustment independent of spring compression
- 30-clicks of simultaneous compression/rebound adjustment
- Front camber plates standard on applicable kits
- Rear camber plates available for applicable kits
- Custom spring rates and Swift Springs compatible
- Custom valving or valving paired for custom spring rates
- 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects
- Fully rebuildable

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