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FRP-600WT Gaming Seat

FRP-600WT Gaming Seat

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Looking for a comfortable racing seat to add to your sim? Introduce one of the newest FRP seat we have inspired from a halo competition seat. The FRP-600WT sports seats have an extra layer of FRP for added rigidity, while featuring similar comfort and style as some of the more expensive seats in the category. These seats are meant to look good, feel good, and work exceptionally while keeping you in your sim. 

Universal Side Mount Bracket Included

Sim Racing Seat

Fiber Glass White Back Finish

Side Mount Brackets Blue Finish

Large 25 lbs

NRG Innovations Products are designed for off road use only. Keep it on the track.

Part #: FRP-600WT


**Please be aware, ALL NRG PRODUCTS SHIP DIRECTLY FROM NRG. Therefore, shipping delays will be delayed between 2-6 weeks due to their lack of customer service. We apologize in advance, and take no responsibility in delayed wait times with any NRG products**

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