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GAS 3.0TFSI Supercharger Bleeder Screw Set

GAS 3.0TFSI Supercharger Bleeder Screw Set

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Stop stripping out your soft, stock plastic supercharger bleeder screws and add a little bling to your engine bay with a set of GAS billet machined supercharger bleeder screws!

These screws are a direct replacement for the stock screws, incorporating a 10mm head to prevent rounding, allowing you to bleed your system without worry as often as desired.

Show off your ported charger or simply install as an OEM+ upgrade!

We recommend running a locally-available M8-1.00 thread chaser through your bleeder ports before installing your new billet screws. The original screws are soft plastic and can leave deposits in the ports that can cause binding when the new solid screws are installed (especially if your old ones broke off).

New bleeder screws should be tightened to no more than 5nm to avoid breakage. 

Warranty will be void if these procedures are not followed. Every screw set is hand-tested in an in-house supercharger before shipping to rule out any defects.

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