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ISR Performance

ISR Performance S-Chassis T56 Master Cylinder Conversion Kit w/ Speed Bleeder

ISR Performance S-Chassis T56 Master Cylinder Conversion Kit w/ Speed Bleeder

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ISR Performance Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion Kit with Remote speed bleeder for S13 / S14 with T56

When swapping your S Chassis with the LS engine and T56 transmission the factory clutch master cylinder is too weak for operating the internal slave of larger and heavier pressure plate on the LS's.  Running an upgraded clutch master cylinder is absolutely required when doing the LSX Swap. 

the ISR kits are a complete kit and includes a brand new clevis unlike other kits on the market that require you to disassemble and remove the rod and clevis end from your factory master cylinder and use it on the Wilwood.

This kit even includes the ISR T56 remote clutch speed bleeder that is designed to make bleeding your internal slave/release bearing a breeze. Most other remote bleeder kits on the market are just multiple fittings in the end of a hose and require you to zip tie a loose line somewhere you find convenient. The ISR bleeder utilizes a compact bleeder block that is designed to mount onto an existing spot on the F body T56 transmission away from any heat source. It can easily be reached by a wrench or a vacuum bleeder

Kit includes

1 x Wilwood Master cylinder

1 x Master cylinder adapter plate

1 x Clevis with Pin

1 x T56 Conversion Line with Fittings

1 x T56 remote speed bleeder Kit

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